NMT Technology (Nano Molding Technology)

Technology outline  Makes nano-tech level patterned indented surface after special dipping on aluminum alloy surface.
Inserts hard resin in the concave portion by injection molding using anchor effect for powerful joint.

Merit The technology cuts down on process flow of bonding and molding, as well as been useful for cost saving.
The product that combines aluminum and resin is non-breakable and light. Joint strength has high quality. Therefore it has good business possibility as strong material for mobile goods, cars, bicycles etc.
Now under development is the method of alumite after jointing aluminum alloy and resin.
Joint strength Aluminum alloy and resin that ensures joint effect. (Resin joins most of aluminum alloy).
Aluminum alloy
Expanded material:A1100,A2017,A3003,A5052,A6061,A7075 etc.
Casting material:ADC12
Resin PBT(HB) PBT(V0) PPS(V0)
Tensile shear breaking strength(kgf/cm2)
Expanded material 200−300 200−250 200−300
Casting material 100−150 80−120 100−150

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